Robert McColley

My first book, ‘Trumpets will fill the sky,’ is a variety of works in no particular order. Over twenty years of influence smashed into 200 pages, it took awhile to pick and choose what best represented all those years. Many paths have been crossed, many people have touched me in many ways, changing my life, my thoughts, how I see and experience the world. Had I none of these, I would not have grown as a human should, knowing the value of people. Thank you to everyone that has been there at some point in my meandering life; I am grateful.

poetry, poems, amwriting, horror, lovers, mystery, sci-fi

I also have a second, rather large manuscript of verse/poetry and short story that is growing as you read this. I would like to see this one get published as well, if you like what you are reading here, please pass it forward. If you are an interested publisher please make contact, I thank you all for your interest and support. These are the two book cover concepts, enjoy.