Wills procession

Poetry, poetry everywhere

creeping as it does

grinding little dirty roads

taking flight as fluttery doves,

peaceful painful torments

etching through the brain

each gentle step a falter

the weight upon the strain,

sinking steadfast slowly

till the poison reaches the quill

spilling over onto pages,

as a daunting little pill.

From where do I go

Why the tugs my darling fair

your strings pull deep the heart

wearing out the flinching time

at the road where feet must part,

each footing brings a pause for care

breaking back to carry weight

and here among the scenery

where the arrival is far too late,

so carefully bruised from heel to toe

I set my stride in motion

may the days that follow cradle me

as the depths behold an ocean.

Best selling

Tarry tarry little weave

making for the coat

spinning idle never rest

always writing as a wrote,

over, under, all you go

making for life the everyday

rewriting designated memories

as the whittle of a play,

so rest at ease among the threads

babbling within their nooks

seas of words all falling short

and then call it simply; book.