Alas, I have found you

Torn feet along the trodden path
I made my course along the way
moving through the windy peaks
of another darkened day,
cutting wind across my flesh
my eyes too blind to see
leaning in upon the mass
my weeping soul for to be free.

And then the sun it breaks the sky
shining upon my feeble frame
bringing with it songs of life
dispersing all my crying pain,
and beauty from the light did come
standing nigh upon sweetened air
her hands unfold to feel my reach
sunny smile and tender care.

Now my life it is fulfilled
every beat of my broken heart
sings brightly now with ticking time
as she and I are now one part,
verse is all that I may speak
for the language holds no weight
I express to you beyond this world
my eternal and loving soul mate.

The gardeners dream

I keep myself busy
weeding out the ways
seeking for the heartship
of my soul,
I till the soil
and mend the rows
plucking out all the jade,
but the harmony is not found
in these glorious sunny days.

So again I am on bended knee
mulling through the dirt
removing unwanted growth
tenderly nurturing
caring and trimming
showering with adoration,
hoping soon
very soon.

Then the spring brings her fluid smile
blanketing all the buds
and each in turn will blossom
filling my garden with many hugs,
and there I sit among the colors
awaiting for one to tug
the one that will wax my heart
that one who will give me love.

My heart song

Hey, Lover,
can you hear me while you sleep?
So far away in distant places
hearing the songs of time and space
you fly among the many skies
that are shewn in many colors
filled with shapes of clouds
that will never seek our waking eyes.

can you hear me?
Among the jubilation of imagination
that carries you over mountains
lulls you into the depths of the sea
and covers you in the warmth of many suns
such feelings that will never touch our living days.

My darling,
If you listen, you will hear me.
Through the rich forests that layer the Planet
and the trickling water of sweet quartets
that lure the breath to sing
touching upon the faces you radiate
bringing the smiles of a million moons
that will fade upon your wakening
revealing the chorus of my Love beside you.

Three precious words

The curvature of the sky
is the best way to expression
of how her soul does reach
closing all separation,
and when one says in loving
that nothing can withstand
the holes all bubble up
as the falling grains of sand,
filling up the tender glass
of the sullen beating heart
pumping all the rivers flow
like the stars and sky depart.

Hold me all my loving sway
your songs a mood of night and day
and all the reaching in all the ways
can never close my endless pray
that forever you and me, if may
fly above the material and all the weigh.

Connotations of the heart

The thing about a love poem

is that one really has to be there

wherever that may be for them

firmly planted or in the air,

and when one comes to grips with it

nothing’s the same in sight or sound

the world is a soft pillow of rocks

with everything spinning around,

when you have it make it last

whether the first or one of many

because some folks never find it

leaving their heart a strange form of gritty.