Alas, I have found you

Torn feet along the trodden path
I made my course along the way
moving through the windy peaks
of another darkened day,
cutting wind across my flesh
my eyes too blind to see
leaning in upon the mass
my weeping soul for to be free.

And then the sun it breaks the sky
shining upon my feeble frame
bringing with it songs of life
dispersing all my crying pain,
and beauty from the light did come
standing nigh upon sweetened air
her hands unfold to feel my reach
sunny smile and tender care.

Now my life it is fulfilled
every beat of my broken heart
sings brightly now with ticking time
as she and I are now one part,
verse is all that I may speak
for the language holds no weight
I express to you beyond this world
my eternal and loving soul mate.

Undying never

I knew her,
the beauty of her leaves
as she waved gently
across the open skies,
it was bye the waves
that she lulled me in
her currents of gentle

I remember her,
full faced sunlit
and freckles
upon each star,
the allure
of moonlit eyes
that surrounded
her halo
of ever being.

I died with her,
that moment of recall
when my reach
was all the nary
of a seeking empty vessel,
that hovered over severity
never finding that embrace,
lost to the coil
of her fleeting.