Laden stretches

Evergreens I watch the day

your play in varied forms

colored contradictions

of many drowning storms,

though trudging on I step in footing

moving among the splash

winding roads leading to somewhere

where dawn and dusk do clash.

The battered cry

It was heard along the shoreline

chatting biting songs

revels all along the beach

succumbing to the throng,

battle on they buried blood

seeping deep within the earth

innocence had no bearing there

tainted from their birth,

regret rang out its stinging bell

but the cry was far too late

and all the feasting worms

grew at an alarming rate,

empty was the new revere

and all had it on their tongue

days of no one living

but the bitterness of the rung.

Rabid eye movements

To which the deepened heavy lay

where consciousness sets its twilight way

are the starry eyes that sit at bay,

over many a wandering thought;

But lo’ the sound of dreamers wake

to the torments of what is now at stake

there they see what they did make,

under the laden spells of slumber.

From where do I go

Why the tugs my darling fair

your strings pull deep the heart

wearing out the flinching time

at the road where feet must part,

each footing brings a pause for care

breaking back to carry weight

and here among the scenery

where the arrival is far too late,

so carefully bruised from heel to toe

I set my stride in motion

may the days that follow cradle me

as the depths behold an ocean.

Mass remiss

Watery watery little drop

tumbling down upon the dock

the wind has been for you a strain

as you drift and glisten in songs of rain,

and tears of longing when the light has gone

away from the heavenly cloud

pouring down in a torrent of buckets

to the hustle and bustling crowd.