Laughter from the fringe

Shady little creature

have you gone and lost your way?

Careening through the windy roads

eating up the night to day,

settling in where darkness weeps

tears running as blood through veins

broken fingers grasping hold

to the waxing of your wane.

Jelly souls in space

There’s a deeper more than knowing

where the swans all dive in waves

the beginning to a perfect end

giant trees in hidden caves,

the dome across our living sky

is there for all to see

to know the immense of creation

from within a tiny seed,

pouring into oblivion

wandering foot to step

seeds to heat and moisture

living fossils for to set.

Waves over the horizon

Sometimes swimmy fishy things

prevail within my head

splashing in humorous waters

they divide they grow they spread,

for whatever the curtail reason

they reach for higher plains

through valleys ever flowing

till there’s nothing but remain,

dance on little swimming things

keep the songs to ever play

let the flowing loving seas

ever open to fluid days.


Comfortable nights that ease into days

wonder me into the arms and the sway

to guide me everless into nowhere seen

with beauty here that’s far between,

to the tenders that shine so brightly

underneath forgotten ways

floating empty through the oceans

over every tear filled wave.

Climbing to see

September came in breezy waves

turning away the leaves

where many lead to follow

over breath in gentle heaves,

clouds return from days of mayhem

resting upon a restless sea

staring ever over tiny ships

rustling as many bees,

the fervor moves in gradients

over many wanting minds

reaching for their mountain tops

then closing in resign.

Best selling

Tarry tarry little weave

making for the coat

spinning idle never rest

always writing as a wrote,

over, under, all you go

making for life the everyday

rewriting designated memories

as the whittle of a play,

so rest at ease among the threads

babbling within their nooks

seas of words all falling short

and then call it simply; book.

Swollen skies

Such a lovely day to sea

drifting away the open fields

lost to this and everywhere

the cuts and what may heal,

but steady on sweet lovers

for the tides they come a sweeping

drowning out the child’s cry

with hearts that strain in reaching.