P o e t s Cultivation

P o e t s Cultivation

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From where do I go

July 9, 2017

Why the tugs my darling fair

your strings pull deep the heart

wearing out the flinching time

at the road where feet must part,

each footing brings a pause for care

breaking back to carry weight

and here among the scenery

where the arrival is far too late,

so carefully bruised from heel to toe

I set my stride in motion

may the days that follow cradle me

as the depths behold an ocean.

Mass remiss

July 9, 2017

Watery watery little drop

tumbling down upon the dock

the wind has been for you a strain

as you drift and glisten in songs of rain,

and tears of longing when the light has gone

away from the heavenly cloud

pouring down in a torrent of buckets

to the hustle and bustling crowd.

Scowling fowl

July 8, 2017

Your a droll you totty egg

caressing my cheek with sulk

trying hard to knot the break

and cling to your ducky luck,

times are tough in all remiss

and now the rains are falling

can you swim or will you sink

as the tick and tock go lawling.

The lovers quill

July 6, 2017

She was found a hardened shell

after days of laying wait

the drink still sat in silence

at the coming of the wake,

we stood around to see the scene

but all was still as night

except the quill still holding

a strange and cold like fright,

for the ink you see was red

but dark upon the page

the words so elegantly wrote

from out her deepened rage,

her lover seems to have stabbed her

with an unseen slivery blade

whatever the cost of this love was

I would say was fully paid,

for the words upon the bloodied page

so gently graced by quill

were simply put as a lover would

“Now my love for you is still.”

Skipping stones

July 5, 2017

My story is of many years

farther back than the counting time

where stars were more than twinkles

and the word was beyond inside,

but for now my days are whittled

patiently awaiting release

someday again I will fly the heavens

to love and worship in peace.

She’s a little song

July 1, 2017

Tenderly now the footing reaches

upon the depth of waters lap

balancing upon her little world

does she dare to turn her back,

but nay, the pull is waxing

turning her open head

over miles and miles of living

through splashes of joy and dread,

to the day when she rests at ease

and all the waters calm to sea

her life will flow as a scattered breeze

where all the ripples are set and freed.

Laughter from the fringe

June 27, 2017

Shady little creature

have you gone and lost your way?

Careening through the windy roads

eating up the night to day,

settling in where darkness weeps

tears running as blood through veins

broken fingers grasping hold

to the waxing of your wane.

Jelly souls in space

June 26, 2017

There’s a deeper more than knowing

where the swans all dive in waves

the beginning to a perfect end

giant trees in hidden caves,

the dome across our living sky

is there for all to see

to know the immense of creation

from within a tiny seed,

pouring into oblivion

wandering foot to step

seeds to heat and moisture

living fossils for to set.

Waves over the horizon

June 22, 2017

Sometimes swimmy fishy things

prevail within my head

splashing in humorous waters

they divide they grow they spread,

for whatever the curtail reason

they reach for higher plains

through valleys ever flowing

till there’s nothing but remain,

dance on little swimming things

keep the songs to ever play

let the flowing loving seas

ever open to fluid days.


June 22, 2017

Comfortable nights that ease into days

wonder me into the arms and the sway

to guide me everless into nowhere seen

with beauty here that’s far between,

to the tenders that shine so brightly

underneath forgotten ways

floating empty through the oceans

over every tear filled wave.