The lore of Nin-To

There is a Goddess of Little re-known, a Goddess who sits at the side and in the shadow of all the great Deities above her. She is humble and quiet and keeps to herself; her name is NinTo. She lives in the lush, thick of the forests, and when she is sad she howls shaking the mountains on high; and when she is happy the summer skies will weep with joy. NinTo has become a gardener of the wild, and some of the strange creatures of nature are attributed to her, the Star Nosed Mole, the Tufted Deer, and the Narwhal, to name a few. Her personal pet is the black Stag with horns that are said to poke the sky itself, it is also said that because of this we have the stars, which are peek holes into the heavens.
What makes this goddess so unusual you ask?

Well the Goddess NinTo was born with, thats right, Nine Toes. She is usually gentle and loving, however in the heat of battle something happens. Her ninth toe will pop off and grow into a huge serpent like dragon with two heads, one head spews the hottest flames of fire, and the other the coldest shards of ice. After the battle each of the serpent heads devour the Goddess NinTo, they tear her right in half, each taking their fill. Once filled they are immediately calmed and transformed back into the Goddess herself, made whole once more.

Its because of this display that she has become such a lesser Deity, she has no radiant splendor as most of the other Gods do, no glorious tales of re-known…. Just a ninth toe, a two headed serpent that pops from that toe and then will eat her, and become her.

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