Damaged repercussion

Little falling Holly

was sitting beneath the rows

of broken tattered faces

all wrung and wrought with foes,

across the seas of happiness

where everyone paints their face

to look as real as real can be

conformity in displace,

these rivers thrash and overflow

in rising weeps and waves

washing the hands of bloody trace

and crippling cracks of broken graves,

yet still the stillness

it clamors through

like the flora of afternoon

seeking desperate the sunny rays

of an end that comes too soon.

Altruism (limited quantities)

The rhythm carries on

with successions into silence

stepping toes a hopping

nails on the bite

facing into knuckles

white teeth shift in movement

on a story for every tongue

till the legs can hold no more

and the weight becomes a tarry

is music fit here to lift the soul

are songs all brought to trodden

where the love is lost in haste

too many hearts on the cuff

not enough anything alone

leaving humanity

to prowl.

Tattered pages of fiction

I find myself in bewilderment

on a similar and darkened path

away from all the lights of hope

the same seething itchy rash,

warm Sunlight is all but put out

by the feigning of mind and heart

making one to believe

that two are not separate parts,

but the ravine is far far deeper

and its way to steep at the sides

bloody nails have tried to climb

knocked back by the echo of lies.

In memory of

The drawn out strum of yesteryear

among the trickles of my mind

pervasive gentle wanderings

for the footing left to find,

a hand from each a palm

to feel the roughen strewn

reaching among the blurry words

of a bloody laden plume.


Little nudging verses

that flutter across the page

beautiful rhymes of stifling

or concise and widespread rage,

the breath is seldom known

from the anguish of this pen

each release a darkened womb

of the listless, whom they and them.

Three precious words

The curvature of the sky

is the best way to expression

of how her soul does reach

closing all separation,

and when one says in loving

that nothing can withstand

the holes all bubble up

as the falling grains of sand,

filling up the tender glass

of the sullen beating heart

pumping all the rivers flow

like the stars and sky depart.


Hold me all my loving sway

your songs a mood of night and day

and all the reaching in all the ways

can never close my endless pray

that forever you and me, if may

fly above the material and all the weigh.

Love without knowing

I fell in love this night

with someone I have not seen

someone I have not heard,

and someone I truly do not know.

Yet hear the heart it skips a beat

at the song of her written words

touching me at every verse

as the chorus of chiming birds.

But be still my avid soul

for such things will carry away;

the emotions onto mountain heights

and cries that fathom the sea,

leaving one to splash the shores

on bent and broken knees.

Laden caverns of heavy breathing

Drops are falling

like wind in heavy storms

they scatter in all directions

seeking out their pattern

looking for their place,

sometimes though

the sky is dark

and nowhere leads to landing,

footing moves on iffy paths

and eyes seek out withstanding.


The hopeless are still in standing

with holes agape their chest

and weeping goes on for miles

fluttering sounds of never rest,

knuckles reach over the broken

knowing little of what they seek

and yet the hearts are flooded


resting in pools of reflection;

so plainly I beseech thee

lay me down in peaceful sorrows

and spare me the introspection.