Nisha the night

Tenderly is how she wove

as she swayed across the way

her gestures all in welcome

to the greet of a moonlit day,

her skin a gentle hue

under an open evening blue

her movements almost soundless

moving steadfast up to you,

right behind she sits in wonder

at the simpleton in her view

her body shimmering softly

at the thoughts of what to do,

but as daylight breaks upon the land

her signs are left in hidden places

bodies void of its precious juice

backwards, leaving her no traces.

Goodness guide you

Gentle drops of mindfulness

sleeping horizon bending reeds

melting through the mountain tops

bringing replenished loving deeds,

the day can wear one out

to the color of dark jade inside

but rest now beautiful children

for the waters they will subside,

each day you wake anew

give praise for the breath you take

and thanks for the beating heart

from this a better world is made,

without each other to lean on

where no one cares for life

then the fires will come a burning

snuffing out the one true light.

Simple is not ignorance

Sometimes there is sadness

and moments of great joy too

the days will always come

but know you will get through,

suffering always lingers

from all matters within this life

keep your house in order

to avoid additional strife,

simple living through-out the years

keeps one strong and able to bear

we’ll make the world shine brighter

with compassion and love and care.

The spiral trek

Hurry says the Robin blue

folding to the straying breeze

“Its up ahead,” he speaks in bird

“Just within the tree’s!”


My curiosity is peaked

so I gently set my course

moving to the bending reeds

that manage a windful force,

the crack of twigs beneath my feet

hair across my face

coldness making for rosy cheeks

as I ease upon my pace,

then lo’, behold upon the water

there at the edge of land

lays a body cold and worn

of a fairly youngish man.


“I told you so, I told you so!”

yells the little bird

“the rabbit did it, I saw him too!”

It sounded so absurd,

I looked in close at the mans white eyes

his face a solemn stare

to where he looks I back away

to look I would not dare.


Then a turtle in the shallows

speaks in a timid way

her murky eyes were glaring

she would tell if I but persuade,

“do tell,” I say with interest

my imagination off the hook

the turtle continues on

with a horrifying look,

“Twas the hallows that took him whole

midnight on the shore

his magick turned against him

and now he is no more.”


My heart beat skipped in song

the rhythm no longer in rhyme

I looked to the dampen nature

in fear to the committer of crime,

then I made my way back home

and explained the horrid tale

they all sat at the edge of their seats

by the end they were all quite pale.


For you see not far from that man

was another body found

a girl who was made the sacrifice

resting upon a spiral mound,

I left them to their darkened peace

made my way back to the place

where the Robin stirred in panic

begging to come in haste.


And so my story goes on and on

recurring a finite spiral

moving over and over again

ever sleeping upon that pile.

Quietly in repose

Many things a writer writes

reaching deep in subtle breath

some truth in many colors

imagination at the best,

but when a writer ceases

and the ink it flows no more

then a well of empty looms

on a colder darker shore.

No story here

Somewhere amid the savoring mu

is a tale that cannot be told

it sails over boundless waves

where clouds are standing bold,

along the journey there is a song

only known by just a few

the words are lost in present

but you know them, I’m sure you do.


So the tale is woven from one to another

the heavy bickering of a hail

as akin to generations that come

somewhere within an untold wail.

Moments rarity

Drinking hot tea on this cool morning

watching cloud cover disperse

thoughts creep slowly to their waking

speaking openly and quite terse,

emotions flow at the ebb

licking gently the mental shore

then slipping back to whence

soothing calmness before the pour.