Laden caverns of heavy breathing

Drops are falling

like wind in heavy storms

they scatter in all directions

seeking out their pattern

looking for their place,

sometimes though

the sky is dark

and nowhere leads to landing,

footing moves on iffy paths

and eyes seek out withstanding.


The hopeless are still in standing

with holes agape their chest

and weeping goes on for miles

fluttering sounds of never rest,

knuckles reach over the broken

knowing little of what they seek

and yet the hearts are flooded


resting in pools of reflection;

so plainly I beseech thee

lay me down in peaceful sorrows

and spare me the introspection.

The watery depths of hope


pervade my sullen scope

to see the scents and views

my little world among the vast

and my very own one man crew,

my sails high and water tight

we course the ravaging sea

ever knowing that what we seek

are the chains of once was free.


Avast, the lands all waver bye

on their course to farther reaches

where once was the love of care

has become the song of leaches,

my sail now is a tattered worn

and my row is low at best

but my soul shines on beyond behest

and my treasure still beats

at the depths of my chest.

Crashing timber

12,000 memories ago

there was an infinite of a time

where leagues of thoughts all fluttered

and reason sang in chime,

but soon the flow would flounder

and logic was lost in waves

passions dried upon the shores

and love was driven away.


For a moment I felt the spark

of a million scathing breathes

they moved across a flame red sky

and laid me down to rest,

yet still my soul its reaching

hoping to find some way

across the myriad of rivers

where fingers break in pray.


Woe it is to break the day

when nothing here is left to say

a cripple through the sands of bay

under the dead lights of yesterday,

and yet my feet they move astray

seeking ever seeking

gentle flow of never mores

and sighs among the wreaking.

To every glow a stammer

I have an emotional need

some kind of lucid strain

a sin for every mouthful

choking up a lucky crane,

making for the hour glass

running faster to refrain.


A sigh that has no end

at every corner and every bend

another broken falling

another crying rend,

empty sounds of knowing matter

and nothing left to mend.

Its a high, a caressing smother

a height beyond what’s grave

reaching out to stir no other

and or no ground is here to pave.

Undying never

I knew her,

the beauty of her leaves

as she waved gently

across the open skies,

it was bye the waves

that she lulled me in

her currents of gentle



I remember her,

full faced sunlit

and freckles

upon each star,

the allure

of moonlit eyes

that surrounded

her halo

of ever being.


I died with her,

that moment of recall

when my reach

was all the nary

of a seeking empty vessel,

that hovered over severity

never finding that embrace,

lost to the coil

of her fleeting.

The pinch

I’m really not surprised

the spider says to fly

when the wasps come all around

its every web for itself

and every one plays low down,

now you my friend

are just a treat

with your naïve and little way

questions from a tiny mind

and answers that dismay,

as I wrap you up so snugly

you continue with your talk

as if nothing wrong is happening

its going to be quite the shock,

when you realize this is not your bed

and the song it turns to tragic

you’ll wish to never have been born

such a simple little maggot.

The chess composition

I’m a cherry on the house

branching out across the spheres

a no mans land of riddles

sharpening tender tears,

in this world I see the plenty

its a monster of a whale

dowsing all in winded glitter

through a torn and tattered sail,

children moving in and out

from one door to the next

spilling over from one to another

at the poisons of seeping text,

adults are afraid to move

so the board is standing still

with the promise of a better world

its check mate for the kill.